Sebastiaan Vonk


“You have the possibility to choose courses that fit your interests”

‘I had a hard time finding a bachelor program, until I read about the American Studies program in Groningen. As I am quite fascinated by the United States, the program looked appealing to me, especially because it is the only three-year American Studies bachelor program in the Netherlands and, moreover, is fully taught in English.

Personally, I think that it is great that although you have to take mandatory courses, you also have the possibility to choose courses that fit your personal interests. I really liked ‘The Americas’ courses so far, in particular The Americas II, in which you learn more about themes I knew little about, like The Frontier and Slavery. You will only have six classes a week as a first-year student, but that means that you will have to read a lot of material each week on your own. The American Studies department is relatively small, so you will get to know many of your fellow students in your year pretty soon. Joining the student association is also a great way to get to know older students too. They may be able to give you tips as well!’