“I’ve found the distinctive programme I was looking for”

The University College Twente and its Bachelor’s programme Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) was the first programme to capture my interest.

First of all, I liked the programme’s breadth. Other programmes more or less force you to commit yourself to a field you may not even be sure about yet. ATLAS offers a very broad perspective, while at the same time leaving room for specializing if and as you wish.

The second big appeal is the project-based teaching method, in which you constantly apply knowledge to real-world issues and situations. It’s completely different from just sitting though lectures and passing your exams.

The third point is the fact that ATLAS is not just knowledge-centred: because of the way things are done here, you get to develop other skills, such as leadership, flexibility, organizing and so on – really useful skills I would never have learned at a UK university, unless I really went out of my way to pursue them on my own.

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