Nestor Zaragoza Jimenez (Mexiko)

Nestor Zaragoza Jimenez

“Nijmegen is a university city, the university has thousands of students willed to meet new people.”

The Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience is without any doubt one of the best across Europe, the program consist in 4 different tracks that handle different approaches, people with different backgrounds are completely mixed up, giving the program an unique multidisciplinary blast . The atmosphere within the program is completely international, thus you will have the opportunity to extend your professional network beyond the Netherlands.

The Donders institute clearly is one of the best equipped institutes in the whole continent, in which, you would develop high impact research. Researcher from all over the globe gather here to perform their scientific labor.

Few years ago when I found out that science and specially neuroscience was my thing I began to look for options to continue my preparation within an international institution with remarkable name. I was in Spain and Germany doing internships and practices but the destiny drives me to the Netherlands and into Radboud University.

Making a bit more research on the offer that the Netherlands has, I realized that Radboud and the Masters program is unique. I looked up into more detailed information about the application procedure, I read it I did not think it anymore, I applied. I built up a good speech and I sent my application. Few days later and after an interview with the selection committee of the Masters program I received an e-mail saying that I had been accepted into the Masters program and the university. However, just one detail remained, funding, as students sometimes we don’t have the enough economic resources to fund our studies, nevertheless, what I found was encouraging, the university and different international organizations have a big gamma of calls to apply for financial support and scholarships designated to support the Latin-American talent. Countries as Mexico and other Latin-American nations count on programs to support its talent. Thus, once I had been accepted by the program and the university, I ,once again, built up a really convincing speech and I applied for one of this scholarships. To my good luck I get the scholarship and among a mix of emotion I prepared my backpack! I was leaving to the Netherlands!

Nijmegen it is a beautiful city it has everything you’d need, its relative small size allows you to move fast and easy. It has everything you would expect from a Dutch city, bicycles everywhere (which is pretty awesome), parks, bars, cheese, and a beautiful city center! I am pretty sure that you would feel like in home since the very beginning.

Additionally, Nijmegen is a university city, the university has thousands of students willed to meet new people, this allow you to form new friendships and links with people from all over the world. Of course, as a good university city, the party is pretty much present in Nijmegen. You will have endless nights in company with extraordinary people! So far, I have had epic nights with all my new friends, and among laughs and endless conversations the nights in Nijmegen would stay permanently tattooed on my memory.

If you were wondering about the language and how would be the interaction with the Dutch, let me tell you that you would not find any difficulty at all, The Dutch are pretty kindly, they are easy going people to get along with, but one thing is true, though, they are pretty straight forward and organized; regarding the language you would not encounter any problem because, fascinating, the Dutch have a fluently knowledge of the English language. From the University until small supermarkets you will find someone willing to help you out with anything you need.

Definitely if you are looking for high quality education with an international impact and approach to impulse your professional career I would recommend you, without any hesitation, to check out the website of the university, for sure you will find something interesting. And maybe something that fits into your life plan!