Alexandre Mangas (Brazil)

Alexandre Mangas

“After completing my highschool back home in Brazil I wanted to  go abroad and experience something different.”

I always dreamt of a career as a manager and wanted to follow an international business program in English. Stenden offered exactly the program I was looking for: International Business and Management Studies. With over 11,000 students, 90 nationalities and possibilities of doing an internship abroad, Stenden was the right university for me. The education system is very different to what I was used to in Brazil and the problem-based-learning approach helps me to better understand how to work with  people from different cultural background. Before I started my studies I spent a couple of months in the Netherlands to get to know my new home. Netherlands is a very beautiful and safe country in which I could see myself living even after my studies. People over here are very open-minded and friendly towards foreigners and everyone speaks English. This has helped me a lot to adopt myself and eventually feel home in a completely different country far away from Brazil.”